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Third Circuit & Supreme Court Criminal Case Digests - Compilation Jan. 2004 Through April 2008

The case digests in this compilation were prepared by members of the appeals unit from the Federal Community Defender Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, covering January 2004 through April 2008. It is a PDF file that is 1.33 MEG in size.

Changing Face of Federal Criminal Sentencing: Seventeen Years of Growth in the Federal Sentencing Caseload

This report, published by the United States Sentencing Commission, provides an overview of the number and types of offenses tried in the federal courts and the people who commit them. It examines the growth in the federal criminal caseload over a 17-year period, and the changing trends in the types of crime committed and the demographic characteristics of the offenders who commit these crimes. The publication reviews data reported to the United States Sentencing Commission for fiscal year 1991 through fiscal year 2007.

Defender Newsletters

Newsletters referenced on this page are published online by Federal Public and Community Defender offices from around the country.

Federal Convictions Reversed (Formerly Known as Reversible Errors)

The purpose of this project, run by the Federal Defender offices for the districts of Northern New York & Vermont, is to try to give CJA Panel Attorneys a shortcut to case law that favor their clients. The cases listed are those in which a criminal defendant received relief from an United States Court of Appeals or the United States Supreme Court. The precedents were reviewed shortly before this publication was released to assure they had not been overruled.

An Introduction to Federal Sentencing new item

Thirteenth Edition by Henry J. Bemporad of the Western District of Texas.

The Liberty Legend & The Doing Time Times

Published by the National Association of Federal Defenders. You can visit their website here.

Judicial Branch Documents

Links to documents published by the US Courts and the Federal Judicial Center

Executive Branch Documents

Manuals & reports from the US Attorney's office, the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons, etc.

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