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The Staff

Federal Public Defender
Lisa B. Freeland
First Assistant Federal Public Defender
Michael J. Novara
Assistant Federal Public Defenders
Khasha Attaran
Christopher B. Brown
Kimberly R. Brunson
Linda E.J. Cohn
Jay J. Finkelstein
Maria Goellner (Erie Office)
Sarah Levin
Andrew Z. Lipson
Thomas Livingston
Elisa A. Long
Renee D. Pietropaolo
Sam Saylor
Samantha Stern
Dr. Larrine Acie
Tisha Davis
Carmen Fortunato
Antonio Howard (Erie Office)
Sumaya Mahmoud
Research & Writing Specialists
Ray Kim
Gabrielle Lee
Milica Bogetić
Melissa John
Linda Lopez
Kevin Parent
Vickie Piontkowski - Mitigation Specialist
Jill Wallace (Erie Office)
Support Staff
Lisa Colarossi - Senior Legal Assistant
Jessica Moore - Clerical Assistant
Jamie Palashoff - Senior Legal Assistant
Deb Podlesnik - Secretary to the Federal Public Defender
Tina Famiglietti - Administrative Officer
Chernor Barry - Case Management Assistant
Mark Ganley - Computer Systems Administrator
Elisabeth Lewis - Operations Administrator
Mark McCormick - Administrative Assistant
Bryan Orr - Assistant Computer Systems Administrator
Assistant Federal Public Defenders
Kara Bailey
Kelly L. Culshaw
Marshall Dayan
Kirk J. Henderson
Ryan Norwood
Colleen Higgins
Christine Pink
Investigators/Mitigation Specialists
Kayla Brandt
Ashley Hatcher
Malikeya Khantrece
Molly O'Brien
Randall Olsen

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